PROFILE – Why Advertise With Us?

Charles Firth aims to be the number one online resource for news, reviews, trends, gadgets, and all things photography related. As such, it stands to reason that we strive for nothing but top-quality content. We feature, publicize, advertise, and post about digital and traditional photography, cameras and lenses, tripods, and accessories, art galleries, festivals, museums, want ads and job listings for freelance, regularized, professional, and amateur photographers alike.

We are an equal-opportunity blog, and we pride ourselves on our decision to post non-biased content. Therefore, you can rest assured we don’t turn down requests to advertise based solely on social, political, or brand-based reasons. Charles Firth offers businesses, corporations, and even solo-professionals the chance to capture their target market through advertising with us. Our blog is aimed at a very specific following of people who love, appreciate, and are passionate – or even simply just curious! – aboutphotography. If your products and/or services align with their hobbies and desires, rest assured you’ll reach them through our blog.


As an advertiser, your company name, brand, and logo would be listed directly on our site. We can run reviews, manuals, user guides, unbiased comparative blog articles, and press releases on your product and/or service, providing it is directly within the photography niche. We’ll have to remind you though, that we aren’t open to posting articles or reviews without giving disclaimers on sponsorship. Likewise, we won’t agree to writing posts that clearly have biased, non-factual content just for the sake of boosting sales.

As a professional/amateur photographer or photo artist, the same treatment applies. Your name, brand, and logo (if any) will be listed directly on our site. We can also publish an interview with you or feature you in a human interest article, as well set up a side gallery for samples of your work. Surely, being featured on our blog should stir up interest regarding your masterpieces – and you’ll get more requests in the long run.

As a photo gallery and/or event center, we can publish your center’s name and logo directly on your site, as well as run press releases, notifications, and news articles about your upcoming event. These will include all the necessary information about the event – what kind, time, date, fee (if any), hosts, what to expect, etc., — as well your center’s contact info, location, and brief history/background (if requested).

As a potential employer, you will be listed at the top of the Jobs section, alongside your requested job listing and instructions on how to apply. A link to your company website/profile will also be included. The duration of how long the job listing will be run can be discussed.

As a contributor, you have the option to submit several samples of your work for review. If we agree to feature them in our gallery, we will then move on to discuss which ones are allowable for personal and/or commercial use. Any and all possible fees to be paid will be included in the points of discussion as well.


Gender: Male/Female

Target Age Group: 18 to 60 years of age

Location: Global

Target Audience Description:

  • Professional Photographers
  • Amateur Photographers
  • Freelance Photographers
  • Tech/Camera Tech Enthusiasts
  • Photography Enthusiasts
  • Digital Artists
  • Mixed Media Artists

If you have other advertising needs, or if you’re thinking of doing something rather unconventional, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re more than open to partnering with those who have unique ideas – especially in reaching out to potential clients. However, no matter how eager we are to accommodate the most uncommon of requests, do take note that we may still turn down requests.

Simply put, if the product or service you’re planning to advertise just doesn’t have anything to do with the world of photography, we’ll probably decline your offer. Keep in mind that our primary goal is to maintain the quality of our blog, and if it were to feature things that are barely related to the art of taking photos, our regular readers might end up distracted. Surely, you won’t want to continue reading posts on a blog that has all sorts of ads that fail to interest you – or that barely make sense.

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