About Us

Charlesfrith.com is a blog on photography that wants to represent the truth behind people we see around the society.

This blog captures events which coverage ranges from still life representations of people and their environment, to depictions of social issues dealing with wars, human rights, and other societal issues.

Photography is way to capture the reality around us. It reveals situations and perspectives which people do not usually give attention to in their daily life. Apathy has portrayed most of human’s responses to their surroundings. Stories of war, poverty, mass destruction from people around the world had become too common for us to wonder.

The purpose of our blog is to provide a platform for other photography enthusiasts to break the pattern of indifference among people. We make use of the power of photography to freeze moments. These moments are developed into pictures that paints a thousand words. Images makes us sense our surroundings from the individual state to the collective perception of the world we live in.

Our inspiration behind this website is Charles Frith, the man who sees photography as more than just taking pictures. He is bringing to this blog his wide collection of photos. Frith is both an enthusiast and critique of people and the stories they reveal on each photographs. Charles Frith’s photography can trigger our deepest thoughts on being humans. His style of photography aims to make its audience reflect on the situations of our society. His collections would teach us coming up with good photographic compositions and techniques when capturing people.

Being Part of charlesfrith.com

We know that you are looking for a relevant means to make use of photography to influence your community and the society. It may be in your professional field, home, education, family or at your small neighborhood. You come across this blog because you want to explore the possibilities of using photography as a means to reach out to the world and say something of a great cause.

This blog is the right place for you to discover both what you can do with photography and what it can do for you.

You can sign-up on our website to be a member at charlesfrith.com. We give our readers and members access to different professional service you need in learning photography.

Photography is both art and science. Discover with us the potentials of having a good photographic skills and creativity. Learn the basics of getting around the camera. Develop working on good photographic compositions by telling the story through a picture. Work on good compositions and post them where the world can see it.

About Our Website

Visit the pages in our blog to use the wide array of resources we have made accessible for you.


Charlesfrith.com wants you to get involved with our website. Make use of our site to post your works and promote your platform or a cause you get involved with. Promote professional services you have for educating people on photography. Upload or share to us feature articles or educational videos or materials like graphics or visuals that can be used in learning photography.

You may have blogs, podcasts or webinar series, and/or e-books on photography that you want to share to help other enthusiasts in photography hone their skills and styles. You can advertise with us to reach your target audience by linking with our website and upload you works and materials to reach your audience. Promote your professional services and artistic style with us.


Our collections of photos gives you learning opportunities to widen your perspective. Not only in creating your photo compositions, but also in gaining new perspective of the world around you. Learn the other side of reality and learn how to interpret them by exploring our gallery.

Our blog lets you discover your own style in photography when you educate yourself through our collections and materials. We also communicate what we believe. Our gallery presents the society and the issues surrounding us. We encourage that you also share your works with us and communicate your views through the pictures you have captured.

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